"Can I get a receipt?"

This dude came through my line the other day at Old Navy. He had an attitude problem from the start, which was annoying.

But of course, I'm being my pleasant and bubbly self, smiling and such.

So we're nearing the end of the transaction, but we're not there yet, he actually doesn't even have his card out yet, and he goes, "Uh, can I get a receipt for this?"


I'm sorry, do you not shop much? Or...ever? Because you ALWAYS get a receipt. Always.


I was just so baffled. I literally laughed because I didn't know what else to do. After I laughed, I said, "Of course."

But the look on his face made me think he didn't get why I thought it was funny.

Here's what's weird: He was like 25 or so and he was with his girlfriend/wife/something (I'm kind of assuming girlfriend because they paid separately, but some married people do that).

Anyway, I feel like the only way this question would make sense was if he was A.) a child whose mom had given him specific instructions to not leave the store without a receipt or B.) an old person who hadn't shopped in like ten years or something.

Another possibility would have been that he meant to ask for a gift receipt, but I knew it was for him because his girlfriend said something along the lines of, "Oh did you end up going with that?" and he was like, "Yeah, it looked good on me."

It also would have made sense if the transaction was over and I hadn't given him a receipt yet, but this obviously wasn't the case either.

I just don't understand how you didn't know that I would give you a receipt.

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