30% off each item though right? I wanna save as much as possible.

So Give and Get was this past weekend. Give and Get is a Gap Inc. promotion where employees give out coupons for 30% off to all their friends and family (and it's kind of turned into a coupon free-for-all, because every cardholder and everyone who's signed up for e-mails from Old Navy gets one).

Here's how the coupon works: You get 30% off EVERYTHING. Clearance, sale, regular price, doesn't matter. And you get to use the card at all the brands (Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic) as many times as you want over the course of the weekend and one time online.

I'd say more than half of the people that come into the store during a Give and Get weekend have the coupon.

So on Thursday, this woman came in and she was buying like seven or eight things. She asks me, "I can use this coupon more than once, right?"

"Yes, you can use it as many times as you want at our brand stores all weekend."

"Okay, so I wanna ring these all up separately."


"You know it gives you 30% off your whole purchase, right? Not just one item."

"Yeah, but it's cheaper to do it this way."

.............................No it's not.

But honestly, how am I going to explain this to this woman? I'd really prefer not to do eight separate transactions.

So I answered, "It gives you 30% off the whole purchase, which equals out to 30% off each item."

Yes, I probably could have made something up and gotten her out quicker, but I really wanted her to understand the concept.

"I just think it'll be more beneficial for me to do them as separate transactions."

Like, really? How could you possibly not understand that 30% off of every item is equal to 30% off the total purchase?

Here's an example to help clear things up:

Anyway, I eventually convinced her that ringing everything up together wouldn't cost any more.

But I honestly don't understand how people get through life without basic math skills.

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