Why I Hate Sports week Day 7: The prevalence

Hating sports wouldn't be such a big deal if everyone else didn't love them so much.

Because everyone in my life seems to be such a huge sports fan, though, I tend to end up at games, or watching games on TV, or in the middle of a conversation about sports, or watching Sportscenter, way more often than I'd like.

My friend Erica and I took a science class together last semester. In this class, we learned about something called a feedback loop. Here's an example of a feedback loop:
  1. In periods of global warmth, more methane is released into the atmosphere.
  2. The methane contributes to temperature increase.
  3. Increased temperatures mean more methane is released.
  4. Which increases temperatures.
I think this is what I have going on with sports.
  1. I hate sports.
  2. I have to go to sporting events anyway because everyone loves them.
  3. This makes me hate sports more than I did.
  4. People try to convince me to like sports, thus exposing me to even more of them.
Unfortunately, everyone loves sports.

And I hate everyone.


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