Why I Hate Sports week Day 6: The ticket prices

I can't handle how much people pay for tickets to sporting events.

Honestly, even on a regular basis, I think people pay too much for tickets. Twenty bucks can buy you a new shirt that you can wear many times for years to come. Twenty bucks will also buy you a couple of tickets to a minor league baseball game. This baseball game comes with sweating, loud people all around, and you even get the privilege of paying more money for snacks that don't taste very good!

Then there's the fact that sports tickets can also cost WAY more than that. Like, you know, thousands of dollars for ONE ticket to the Super Bowl.

As a matter of fact, you can pay $200-$500 to stand outside the stadium and watch the Super Bowl on a big screen!

That's an outlier, of course; the Super Bowl is the biggest football game of the year.

What about just a normal NBA game?

Tickets for a regular season LA Lakers game range anywhere from $15 at the very cheapest to $270. Two hundred and seventy dollars. That's more than my ticket to Bonnaroo, where I saw like 50 bands over the course of four days.

Paying that much for a sporting event would never be worth it to me.

The final day of Why I Hate Sports week is tomorrow! I bet you're excited!

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