Why I Hate Sports week Day 5: The lack of entertainment

This is where we get to the meat of why I dislike sports.

All the things up to now and all the things after now are things I could probably deal with if I actually enjoyed sports in and of themselves, but I really just hate the games!

There's nothing about sports that interests me. When I'm watching a sports game, even when I understand the rules of the game and the way the game is played, I'm always so bored. The game itself is boring to me, and that's why I hate sports.

Disclaimer: I know there's "more to the game" than what I'm going to describe below. And I understand how most games work. It doesn't make any difference to me.

Baseball. You're hitting a ball and running around bases. While I am not capable of doing this, I'm also not impressed that someone else can and I'm also not interested in watching anyone do so.

Football. You have a series of attempts to get the ball to the area at the end of the field. You have various strategies of how to do this. The other team uses various strategies to try to stop you.

Basketball. You're trying to get the ball into the hoop, again using various strategies to do so and also dribbling and passing. The other team, again, tries to stop you.

Soccer. You're trying to kick a ball into a netted area.

Hockey. You're trying to hit a puck into a netted area.

There's just no point!

It frustrates me so much when I'm forced to watch a game. I can't get into it! Especially if I'm at home, I will absolutely fall asleep because there's nothing about it that's interesting to me.

And following teams? I can't do it. I'm just not capable of caring about a team because if I start to care about a team, I learn about all the crappy things the players do and then I end up hoping they lose.

Sports just don't interest me. Period.

More tomorrow.

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  1. I honestly think no one will argue with you about soccer or hockey. Every American over the age of 8 is over soccer, and hockey is not available to most people anyway, plus the puck is too small to see even if I have my glasses on. Basketball is no good anymore, I grew up with Michael Jordan, he was a God, even you would have watched and enjoyed. Football, well...But baseball,I can not let up on you on this. We report on the 14 (Monday) to start training and I suspect you didn't get my a valentines present so.....just saying.