Why I Hate Sports week Day 4: The Timesuck

Being a sports fan takes up so much time. I'm not talking about the length of games; that's a topic for another day. (Tomorrow, actually.)

With this, I'm talking about how much time a sports fan will devote to sports outside of the actual game itself.

Ideally, my hope would be that people would get all their sports talk out during the game and then I wouldn't have to deal with it all the time. But that's not the nature of sports.

Sports fans feel the need to discuss sports at all times. Every play of every game needs to be dissected. You have to watch the post-game interviews. There's always something on ESPN that you need to watch. I know I just watched Sportscenter, but it's on again and I missed five minutes of it when I was in the bathroom. And while we're at it, sign me up for a couple of fantasy leagues. Buy a couple of jerseys. Get the newest Madden game. Of COURSE my homepage is ESPN!

Before you know it, your entire day is dedicated to watching sports, talking about sports, playing sports (either in real life or virtually), and I just feel like that's a little too much sports action.

Fashion is probably the sports equivalent in my life, but if I dedicated as much of my day to shopping, looking at magazines and watching fashion TV shows as sports fans dedicate to sports-related activities, I would definitely get bored really soon.

What is it about sports that hooks people so profoundly that it takes over all their time? I don't get it.

More sports-hate tomorrow.

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  1. I frequently fall asleep to baseball tonight or sports center. They are the best for falling asleep.