Why I Hate Sports week Day 3: The Fans

There are many things about sports fans that make me hate sports more than I already do, so today's post is going to be in list format.

  1. Guys who wear no shirts and paint their chests (This is especially true when it's cold outside.)
  2. People who think they could do a better job coaching than the coach does and a better job playing than the players do
  3. People who think they know everything about a sport when, in reality, even I know more than them
  4. People who get obnoxiously drunk at games
  5. People who HATE the other team's fans
  6. People who ask off work to watch an important sporting event on TV
  7. People who seem to only own shirts that feature their favorite team's logo
  8. People who talk about sports before tests (Like seriously, I know the game was last night but can you please just look over your notes?)
  9. People who identify with a team so much that they say "we" in reference to them (This is okay, in my opinion, if it's a college team and you actually attend or used to attend the school.)
  10. People who are fanatical about unimportant teams (This includes the clapping guy at the Louisville Bats games.)
Now, I'm not saying I hate you if you relate to one or even more than one thing on this list, because I think most people probably will. I'm just saying you contribute to how much I hate sports.

More of why I hate sports tomorrow!


  1. I agree with some of this except for number 5 because Philly sports fans are nut jobs and punks and they deserve to be hated. Number four is why I can't take the kids to pro football games again, thanks classy Titans fans. Number 9 hurts my feelings and means you can't come visit anytime in Soxtober, cause that's when we play.