Why I Hate Sports week Day 2: The Timing

I hate how sports are timed. Two things about how sports are timed really bother me.

First is that they don't really go with the weather. Yeah, baseball is a spring/summer sport, which is good because it's outside. But sports seasons last SO LONG. Baseball is still happening in October, (I can only remember that because of that Dane Cook commercial) and it's cold outside in October! I don't want to be sitting outside in the cold and I don't understand why anyone else does.

Football. It starts in, like, August, which is fine because it's nice out then. But it gets cold pretty quickly, and the Superbowl isn't until February. There are a lot of winter months in there. I know some stadiums are covered, but many of them aren't.

Sometimes I'm forced to go to sporting events, and I'm always freezing! Mom and Dad always come up for a game in like, mid-October and it's extremely chilly up here by then. Maybe if I was warm, I wouldn't hate it so much!

The second thing I hate about the timing of sports is that they overlap! One sport at a time is enough! This is an imperfect calendar of stupid sports:
And when I say imperfect, I really really mean it. But do you see how there are NO TIMES AT ALL when one of the three major American sports is not happening? And there are almost no times when two of them aren't happening! This is not fair!
Just shorten up the seasons, give me a little break in between the different sports and maybe that would help.

More on why I hate sports tomorrow.

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  1. We could get rid of stupid football, and stupid basketball and just have awesome baseball. It's the thinking mans' sport (this also explains the lack of teams in the south). I am sure if you were to root for the right team you would have no problem being a fan. I'll even get you some fan gear, as long as you choose my team.