Why I Hate Sports week Day 1: The Salaries

First, a little intro. I hate sports, which is one of the first things you'll learn about me if you know me very well. I roll my eyes at the mention of anything sports-related. It's not an arbitrary hate, though, so for the next week or so or however long it takes to get all my reasons out, it's going to be Why I Hate Sports week.

Today's topic is the salaries. Athletes just make too much money.

According to Sports Illustrated's website, Tiger Woods made 90 million dollars last year including salary, winnings and endorsements.

90 million dollars.

LeBron James? 45 million.

Alex Rodriguez? 37 million.

I don't even want to look at the rest of the list.

There's a thing people always say about this and how celebrities shouldn't be making more than the doctors and teachers who save people's lives/shape our future every day, and that may be true.

However, I argue that an individual celebrity probably affects way more people on a day-to-day basis than, say, an individual doctor does, so I understand the more money thing.

I just can't justify paying someone 90 million dollars in a single year to hit a ball into a hole and to be in a few commercials.

Here's my thing. Actors and actresses should be getting paid astronomically higher figures than athletes because they're making things that last forever. Athletes are contributing to statistics that have to build up over time, and yeah, you can watch old games on ESPN Classic, but who's the normal one? The person watching a movie from 1950 or the person watching a game that happened in 1950?

According to Forbes, between June 2009 and June 2010, Johnny Depp was the highest-paid actor, and he made a total of $75 million. I'm just saying, I think the fact that the highest paid actor is making less than the highest paid athlete is a problem.

Getting past the highest paid athletes, the norm for an athlete in the NBA is still in the millions, and the minimum salary for a first year NBA player is almost $500,000.

I am not okay with this.

More reasons tomorrow.


  1. Now I know how you feel about sports, and it's kinda cute. That said I myself am not a huge sports fan, however I think you may have may some poor word choices above.
    I really don't think that you meant to say celebrities affect more people on a daily basis than doctors. Perhaps you meant in the Western world, or maybe in just the US, or perphaps in a small age specific portion of the population in the US. Otherwise I really feel that is a gross exaggeration of opinion.
    Also to argue art agaist sports is all wrong. Arts are completely subjective, sports are measureable. You are either good or bad. There is data to prove just how great or sucky you are at your chosen sport.
    While I agree that both actors and altheletes grossly over paid. I can not hit a baseball coming at me at 45 miles an hour, not to mention 95. If a 250 pound man was to run full speed in my direction I would fall down in the fetal postion, not charge at him in return, and let us not forget I can only jump about 7 inches off the ground and run about a quater mile before I cry uncle. I imagine you are about as talented.
    I could however probably act well enough to appear on a daytime drama.
    Sports and acting aren't even able to be compared as a means for salary arguement. I mean if my heart goes south and the doctor says there is nothing they can do for me I know I will not really care who wins the Oscar, but I swear the Red Sox had better win the World Series just one more time, because honestly, it just means more.

  2. you forgot the part where Tiger Woods is payed to shape the way you buy things.(Maybe not you specifically, but the old fogies watching golf). These athletes have just as much to do with culture and just as much if not more to do with money because these athletes are used to sell products.Making companies massive amounts of money. So of course the athletes get paid a lot. They make companies like Nike trillions of dollars a year