When your iPod decides to play itself

This used to be a much bigger issue for me than it is now because, unfortunately, I went many years without knowing about the hold switch on the top of the iPod. Oops!

So basically, if you don't use the hold switch and you just have your iPod paused, sometimes the play button will accidentally be activated while the iPod is in your pocket/purse/whatever.

And then it's just playing and playing until you notice or the playlist runs out or the battery goes dead.

Enter the trusty hold switch, which locks all the buttons! If the hold switch is in the correct position and the play button is pressed accidentally, nothing happens, thus saving your battery.

Which is great!

I've gotten into a pretty good habit of flipping the hold switch every time I put my iPod away. But I guess I was flustered because of the snow yesterday, because I definitely left it in the off position when I got to work.

Cut to this morning, when I was about to walk out the door of my apartment. I pulled my iPod out of my purse and put my headphones in, only to realize there was already music coming out of them. Oh, joy. It was on shuffle, so it had been through almost six hundred songs.

And the battery, of course, was in the red.

This is when I remembered all the times last night when I thought I was hearing music but didn't know where it was coming from. Back when I didn't use the hold switch, I would have checked my iPod automatically, because it happened all the time then.

So now I've been without my iPod all day. I'm really sad about it.

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