So I was in this fashion show today...

It was super fun!

But annoying things happen everywhere, so of course I have a story for you.

It was the Apparel and Textile Design Fashion Show. I was in it for my friend Anna. ATD is one of her majors.

Okay, so the path we were walking had eight stops on it. The fashion show was all about the student designers of the garments so we were supposed to stop for "a long three seconds" at each stop. When you're up there, though, you feel like you're standing there forever.

So anyway, there were these two girls whose dresses were made by the same designer and the dresses went together really well, so they walked together.

Apparently, this gives them permission to stay on the runway for about four times as long as most people.

They stopped like 15 times, posed separately, posed together, posed in every way imaginable...and they still weren't done!

Seriously, we were watching at the dress rehearsal and we had enough time to appreciate their dresses, realize they were taking a long time and then do a bit making fun of how long they were taking, and they were STILL on the runway.

Like really, get off.

I can understand taking the amount of time two models would have taken, because there were two of them. But this was so excessive. And how can you even stand to be up there for that long? Doesn't it feel like you're taking forever?

They cut it down a little for the actual show, which was good, but it was still extremely long.

Also, during the real show, we noticed that the dress was called "Eternity." As Anna's other model, Gina said, "Eternity. Because, literally, they're up there forever."

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  1. My favorite part was when they were looking like they were going to walk off and then they switched spots... still makes me giggle!

    Thanks for being fabulous!