Rude drivers in snow

Okay. So I'm pretty scared about driving in the snow, yes. There have been at least five inches of snow over the course of this afternoon. In some places, the snow is packed down, but in a lot of places it's not at all yet.

Here's the advice people give me about driving in the snow:
  1. Stop early and don't ever slam on your brakes.
  2. Leave a ton of room between you and the car in front of you.
  3. Go whatever speed you feel comfortable and don't let anyone pressure you into going faster.
Here's how people drive in the snow:
  1. Their car is directly behind mine. Seriously, I usually have someone so close behind me that I can't see their headlights, which is terrifying.
  2. They zoom around me even when there's not really a second lane carved out. And I'm talking actual zooming here, where snow gets kicked back onto my car and everything.
  3. They give me dirty looks as they zoom around me.
You know what guys? I'm sure you can see my license plate because you're clearly close enough behind me. I'm from Kentucky. I didn't grow up in this crap. I'm still getting used to it. So please don't try to peer pressure me into driving whatever speed you want me to.

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