People who can't handle sign-in sheets

Over the course of my college career, I have had many classes where we are expected to sign our name on a list in order to get attendance credit for the day.

Why is the concept of a sign-in sheet so difficult for some people?

All you have to do is pass it around the room.

I have a class this semester where this is becoming a problem. The class meets from 8:30 to 9:50 and the very first thing he does is hand the sign-in sheet to the girl in the first row.

You have an hour and twenty minutes to get the sheet around to about 40 or 45 people. What is difficult about that? Each person, as soon as they are handed the sheet, should sign it and then ensure that it gets to the next person. If that happened, there wouldn't be any problems.

Yet every class, without fail, it's 9:48, I still haven't gotten the sheet, and the professor asks, "Where's the sign-in sheet?" Then someone halfway around the classroom is like "Oh, I forgot I had it!"


It's a really simple thing for professors to ask of us and it eliminates the annoying factor of an actual roll call. So please, people. Just work with professors when they ask simple tasks of you.

Receive the sheet, sign your name, pass it on.


  1. Some things are just difficult for people...

  2. One wonders why you simply wouldn't inquire about the sign in sheet. A great quote "Those with the ability to take action have the responsibility to take action." It's 9:48 and you know you haven't signed it. Be proactive and quit whining.

  3. Maybe the reason for this is that other people are actually paying attention to what the teacher is saying and not worring about the time.Maybe they are not as concerned about the time as the lecture. Maybe they care about an education instead of trying to figure out how they can get out of the room, so they can sit in front of a computer, and impose their stupid ideas on other fanatical idiots like you do.