"Oh, you're gonna need to clean this up."

A long time ago (the first day of Sports week, actually) a little girl peed in her pants at the checkout line at Old Navy.

First of all, rude. If you are potty-trained, you are old enough to speak up and tell your parent/guardian that you have to use the restroom.

But the worst thing was the way the mom handled it. First of all, she didn't even apologize, she said something like "Oh, she just peed. You're going to need to clean this up."

(I wasn't the cashier, by the way, but I happened to be in the vicinity.)

So that's rude, but then she also finished out the whole rest of the transaction without apologizing.

I'm just saying, I would be mortified. I would have apologized a hundred times. This woman was completely unfazed!

So anyway, she leaves with her stuff, and the manager is cleaning up the pee. This is a really long and annoying process because there's a special protocol for cleaning up bodily fluids. The manager is almost done when the woman walks back in the door.

I'm expecting that she's come back to apologize. I mean, that makes sense, right? But of course not! Why would I think such a silly thing?

She's asking about something she thought was wrong on her receipt.

Are you KIDDING me? Your child peed on the floor, you didn't apologize, my manager is cleaning up your child's pee, and you have the nerve to come back and ask about a price?

And to make things even better, while she's waiting for the cashier to fix it, she makes her child say "Thank you" to the manager for cleaning up her pee.

Um, no. "Thank you" is not the appropriate thing to say there. "I'm sorry" is. Or even a more casual "Sorry about that." Not "Thank you."

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  1. Gross - I can't believe that thank you was the response. Ick!