"Come on, man!" with Kevin Skaggs

My dad was really angry about something the other day, so he asked if he could guest blog. This is his story:

Blocking two pumps? Come on, man! 
So, we pull into a Speedway station to get gas. This particular station is a small one, with a total of 6 pumps. The station is not busy at the time. So, we pull up and this car is sitting in the middle of two pumps, not getting any gas. At first I thought he was broken down, but no, he's just sitting there waiting for someone inside. Then, as a line starts forming behind him, his buddy comes out with some cigarettes. They still sit there! It's bad enough to block one pump, but two, really? And there was plenty of parking on the side of the building! Come on, man!
I think that would have been a good time to call a RUDE ALERT!

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