When profs go over their allotted time.

You know what's annoying? When class is supposed to end at 9:50 and you don't get out until 9:53.

It's not that I'm dying to get out of class and it's just SO boring that I can't handle sitting in my seat listening to the prof for even an extra moment (although yeah, sometimes that is the case).

It's more to do with the fact that I usually have another class to get to. Even if I don't personally have another class, I'm sure other people in the class do. And that's not a big deal if your other class is really close or you're on a small campus, but on MSU's campus, sometimes even a 30-minute break in between classes isn't long enough to trek to that other building. When this is the case, you count on getting out right on time.

You know what's not only annoying, but also really ridiculous? When class is supposed to end at 9:50 and you don't get out until 9:53 on the first day of class.

Really, prof? It's the FIRST DAY OF CLASS. You should have handed us the syllabus, talked about it with us for a few minutes, and dismissed us.

But even if you're not going to do that, at least don't keep us over.

I'm just saying, when a prof keeps you over on the very first day of class, it's not looking so good for the rest of the semester.

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