Shushing people in the movie theater.

Matt and I saw True Grit and The Fighter tonight. True Grit was good, The Fighter was great, Black Swan beat both of them.

Anyway, in The Fighter, there were two groups of people in front of us. One was a group of three guys who seemed pretty pleasant. They were laughing at the funny parts, but they didn't even have annoying laughs, and they definitely weren't talking at all. The other group was two guys.

About an hour into the movie, the three guys laughed at something funny, and I guess the other guys didn't think they should be laughing, so one of them turned around and asked, "Could you guys keep it down? Please?"

The three guys were obviously shocked, as were Matt and I, because they hadn't been being rude AT ALL. Then they didn't laugh for the remainder of the movie, probably because they were scared of getting beaten up by Mr. Overreaction over here.

I understand saying something to someone who's talking throughout an entire movie, but if someone's laughing and it's 1.) obviously not an intentionally annoying laugh, and 2.) only happening at funny parts, you have NO right to shush them.

They have as much right to enjoy the movie as you do.

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