Seriously, do I have to show you my ID?

If you have not signed the back of your card and you are running it as credit, I will ask for ID.

Don't get an attitude. I'm just trying to do my job.

This woman today hands me her card when I ask for it, and it isn't signed on the back so I say, "Can I see your ID also?"

She starts huffing and puffing like it's SO difficult. She's trying to find her ID and all her other cards spill out of her wallet.

"Ugh, this is such a pain in the a**."

Excuse me, it is not my fault that your wallet is unorganized. Maybe you should clean out your wallet and keep your ID in a place where you'll be able to find it quickly.

Or if you don't want to have to get your ID out all the time, sign your card.

Then, like, four people later, this woman comes in with her husband's card, which is also not signed, and she gets all huffy when I tell her she can't use it.

I'm sorry, it's NOT YOUR CARD and it's not signed!

If your husband is okay with you using it, he should sign it!

She says, "Ugh, I've been using it all day."

This means nothing to me! I don't care that the people at the other stores were lazy!

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