People who complain about small clothes

I feel really strongly about this, and I actually wrote a note about it on Facebook once upon a time. For the record, I don't wear a 0 at Old Navy (or anywhere) so I don't feel personally victimized, but I feel for those who do.

I hate it when people are shopping and they hold up a pair of size 0 jeans and scoff at them. Okay, yes, they're small. But there are people who wear them.

Some of the most annoying comments I've heard about small clothing:
  • "Ha, I can maybe fit one of my legs into this skirt."
  • "Wow, I probably wore this size pants when I was like, ten."
  • "No real woman can wear this size."
  • "Low-rise jeans stop looking good on people when they turn 14."
  • "I've never seen anyone who could fit into these."
  • "Who do they even make these jeans for?"
Just because you can't fit into a size 0 doesn't give you the right to say things like, "No real woman can wear a size 0," because there are some real women who do, and it's not up to you to determine what a "real woman" is.

Maybe it makes you feel better about yourself to make fun of skinny girls, but I have known plenty of skinny girls that have just as many body issues as full-figured girls. Women come in all shapes and sizes, so when you're shopping, just grab the size that fits you and move on.

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