None of these coupons are valid?

An older woman came into Old Navy the other day. She was exchanging a pair of pants that she had paid 80 cents for and she was buying two packages of socks.

She hands me a coupon that I've never seen before. It's a coupon for Old Navy cardholders, and I quickly look at it and realize it's not valid yet. I tell her this and she sighs heavily. "Well how bout that! Hold on a second, I have another one."

She digs in her purse for about three minutes and finally pulls out a coupon that was valid January 20-24. I tell her, "Oh, I'm sorry but that coupon ended Monday."

Well, this is apparently completely unacceptable, because she huffs and puffs and makes a production of putting her coupons back in her purse. "Well. I have TWO coupons and neither of them are good right now. Doesn't that just figure. Gosh."

Um, sorry, but if you'd read the coupons before you try to use them, you would know whether or not they're valid.

So then she goes to pay and says, "I don't have to use my charge card, do I?"

(She asked this because you have to use your Old Navy card with most cardholder coupons.)

"No, you don't have to."

And I swear, this is actually what she said: "Well I'm not going to then! So there!"

Really? "So there?" Do people still say that?

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