Here's my money, I spread it all out all over the counter for you.

I find it extremely annoying when people don't hand me money at Old Navy.

If you're paying with cash, you have to have it in your hand at some point, right? I understand if you're looking through your wallet for the right bills and so you put the money on the counter as you're getting it together. But to just put the money on the counter is so annoying!

Here are the levels of annoying that relate to this issue:
  1. The least annoying thing is to hand me the money and change together. 
  2. The next most annoying thing is to hand me the change and put the bills on the counter. I appreciate not having to pick up the change, but honestly. Just hand me the bills too.
  3. Next is putting the bills and the change on the counter with the change on top of the bills. It's not terribly difficult to pick up bills, and if the change is on top it doesn't really add a step.
  4. The worst thing is to put the bills down on the counter and then put the change on the counter one by one. It is SO obnoxious to have to pick up pieces of change, oh my goodness. And I have some pretty solid nails right now, but when you don't have nails it's the most annoying thing ever.

Here's the thing. Putting cash down on the counter is inefficient because it adds a completely unnecessary step. The money was JUST in your hand. Just transfer it to my hand and things stay easy and convenient for everyone.

The other thing is that it's just rude. How would you feel if I put your change on the counter to give back to you? I'm pretty sure you would find it rude. And that's exactly how I feel about you.

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