Credit cards are EVIL

I'm not pushy with the Old Navy credit card. I don't try to get people to sign up after they've already told me they don't use credit cards.

The most pushy thing I'll say if someone has said no is "Are you sure? You'll save (whatever) percent," and that's only if they cut me off the first time.

It makes me SO ANGRY when people preach at me about how credit cards are horrible.

Things people say about how credit cards are the worst that annoy me:
  • "If I don't have the money, I don't buy it." Okay, clearly I'm not implying that you need a credit card. You obviously have the money or you wouldn't be up here at the cash register with the clothes you're about to purchase. Nobody comes into the store and applies for the credit card first to see if they'll be able to purchase clothes. People decide to sign up to save whatever percent we're offering off that day and to start earning 5% back in rewards. Pretty much everyone who uses the card "has the money." They just choose to add an extra step in the payment process to get rewards back.
  • "Haha, yeah, you'll save 25% but there's a 30% interest rate." First of all, no, there isn't a 30% interest rate. Secondly, I don't know if you are aware of the way credit cards work or not, but if you pay the card off with the first payment, there's no interest! WOW, what a novel concept. And since you clearly don't buy things you don't have the money to pay for, you should definitely be able to pay off your bill in the first month!
 Just say "No, thanks." It's really all you need to say.

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