A sampling of ridiculous things from my JRN Ethics class

Tonight was my last class meeting for Ethics in Journalism. This whole semester, all my friends in this class and I have been posting ridiculous quotes from my crazy professor on each other's Facebook pages. I thought it would be pleasant to immortalize one class session in a blog post.

So here are the ridiculous things my prof said tonight:

On helping a friend move from Chicago to Toronto:
"You guys don't realize how far Toronto is from Chicago. That's a long drive."

On the fact that he drives to work even though he lives three blocks from his office:
"I know, I drive three blocks, how lazy can you be?"

On the economy:
"And then, 9/11, the war in Afghanistan, and the war in Iraq, and the economy went down."
(Thanks for simplifying that for me.)

On the economy leveling off:
"The decline has definitely declined itself."

On the complexity of websites:
"If you hit refresh every 20-30 minutes, the stories will rearrange themselves based on popularity. It's fascinating to watch."

On the benefit of independent newspapers over corporately-owned newspapers:
"The variety of voices is much wider. Much greater. More independent thinking out there."

On Gannet's newspapers' websites all looking the same:
"There's one person out in the Virginias whose job is to make the websites, and he makes them all look the same."

On journalism training sessions:
"The newsies who were there working bankers' hours, yeah they had to go to quite a few of them."

On newspaper ownership:
"The average person does not own stock in a media entity."
(Oh really? I had no idea.)

On who calls the shots at newspapers:
"It ain't me, I'll tell ya!"
(It's the stockholders.)

On reporters versus editors:
"Those of you who are gonna be foot soldiers, much like myself..."

On his inability to shoot photos:
"You should see me at a basketball game, I'm fumbling all over myself."

And that was only an hour of class.

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  1. This makes my day Kristen. I am not even in school anymore but this sums up all my feelings from the 4 years I spent there. Teacher who cannot speak astound me.