Rude alert on the bus

So I'm riding the bus home from class today. We're at a popular stop. A bunch of people get off and several people get on. I'm looking at my phone, though, so I'm not really paying attention.

But then I start to realize it's getting really cold. The doors have been open for quite a while. I look around and there's nobody getting off or on the bus anymore.

And though this is a popular stop, it isn't one where the bus drivers are supposed to wait, like the CATA station or Brody.

So I look at the bus driver to try to figure out why we're still stopped and she's looking down at her lap.

Are you kidding me?

She was texting!

First of all, I'd like to say that I greatly appreciate the fact that she was texting while stopped and not while driving.

But she also shouldn't be texting when she's SUPPOSED to be driving!

I feel like this is the equivalent of someone walking up to my register at work and me finishing a text message before I check them out. She had a job she was supposed to be doing and she stopped doing it in order to send a text message.

Also, couldn't she have at least closed the doors? It was cold!

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