Oh, did we have a test tonight?

I just took a test in my Media Law class. The class starts at 6:15. We didn't start the test until 6:30 because the prof was going over some things beforehand. This gave plenty of time for stragglers to come in late.

So everyone was done by about 7:00 because it wasn't very difficult. At 7:01, this girl waltzes in, presumably unaware there was a test, as she didn't look like she was in a hurry at all.

Let's pause here to discuss whether or not she's going to be allowed to take the test. She was more than forty-five minutes late. In my book, that's where the prof should say, "I'm sorry, but class started at 6:15 and you missed the test."

He totally let her take it. Excuse me?


Excuse me.


  1. she was stupid for coming so late and not even being aware that there was a test but i also think as long as she is paying her money and class isn't over she should be allowed to finish as much as she can as long as she is not disturbing the rest of the class.