I said jogging pants.

So I'm on a ladder at work today, working on a display, and a woman comes up to me and asks, "Do you work here?"

...Yes. I mean, I'm on this ladder and everything, but I guess it might be hard to tell.

"Okay, I'm looking for some jogging pants."

I walk her over to the Goga section, explaining, "Our active pants are all over in this section. There are some yoga pants (I hold these out for her to feel) and then we have more lightweight active pants over here."

She feels the pants. "Oh, no, this isn't it at all."

"Oh, okay, what kind of material are you looking for then?"

"Jogging pants."

I'm already getting a little annoyed. Like, give me a material, lady. Obviously we're thinking of different things here.

"Are you looking for a windbreaker-type material?"

"No, like jogging pants."

Oh my gosh.

"I'm sorry, I'm just not sure exactly what material you're looking for."

"Like, jogging pants!"

Oh my gosh, can you not say any other words? Give me SOMETHING!

I couldn't help it; I gave up. I said, "I'm sorry, all our active pants are in this section right here," and I walked away.

She talked to another associate and eventually figured out that we were actually looking for sweatpants.

I mean, I don't jog in sweatpants, but whatever. It might have been a little easier if she had actually said what she meant.

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