Gift exchanges

We do gift exchanges on my dad's side of the family (instead of each person buying each person a gift), and we try to make it interesting. Sometimes we just do a specific thing, like everyone brings a DVD or something like that, but sometimes we actually draw names and get gifts for specific people.

This year, we drew names and we had to get a gift that started with the first letter of the person's name. So Jessica got jewelry, Matt got markers and Monopoly, Mom (Mary) got money, Brandon got a gift card to Best Buy, things like that.

I got a 20 dollar bill.

How does that go with K?

And don't say Kash, because it's not a real word.

Yes, K is a slightly difficult letter, but it's not impossible.
Things that could have gone with K: Kool-Aid packets, Kentucky paraphernalia, key chain, kite, a kaleidoscope, stuff for the kitchen, a Kohl's gift card, etc. And all that is without being creative and looking for flavors or fragrances that start with K or brand names that start with K.

I'm just saying, if you're not going to participate in the game correctly, just choose not to be in the drawing in the first place.

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