Your neutrals are clashing.

One of the cardinal sins of fashion, in my opinion, is clashing neutrals.

I see girls all the time in this exact outfit: gray north face (or hoodie, as in the example photo), black leggings and tan Ugg boots. Even if we disregard the leggings as pants problem and the entirely separate Ugg boots problem, there is another huge problem we need to deal with. While none of these colors clash specifically, what a boring outfit! Why would you want to wear that?

You have three different neutral colors in your outfit. That is way too many.

It's especially bad when you have neutrals that are actually bad together. Just because it's a "neutral" doesn't mean it can go with EVERY OTHER NEUTRAL.

Things that are unacceptable:
  • Black and dark brown
  • Two shades of gray that are too close (i.e., super light gray and super dark gray are acceptable.)
  • Brown and gray
  • Black and navy--almost always
 Just be careful with your neutrals.

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  1. heh. I just bought the grey/dark brown/light brown/white scarf. CLASHHH!