When the class weirdo drops the class

Sometimes there are weird people in classes. As annoying as they are, they also make the class more interesting.

In the class I'm in right now, for instance, there was a woman who was SO interesting and SO weird!

Her husband would drop her off and awkwardly kiss her in the hallway. Before every class.

She would creep up to the table I sit at and get candy out of the candy bowl in the middle of presentations.

When the prof said anything she found surprising or interesting, she would gasp. Loudly.

She always had personal examples to go along with EVERYTHING. My favorite: "I tried to set up this online closet and I had to take pictures of all my clothes and scan them all into the computer, and it was just a really big hassle and I couldn't figure it out."


Well anyway, we found out today that she dropped the class.

Why would you drop out this far into the semester? You can't even get your money back!

Also, I am so much less entertained in this class now!

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