Walking with other people on campus

It seems to me that each person who attends a university has their own view of the campus in their mind. This view they have determines what routes they take to different places based on their knowledge of sidewalks and accessible buildings. The bigger the campus is, the more variety there is among views.

This generally works out fine because it really doesn't matter how you're getting to class, just that you're getting there. And I don't think anyone judges people if they observe them walking in a slightly roundabout way to a building. Most likely, nobody even notices, and everyone just walks merrily to class however they want to go.

This little order, however, is ruined when you walk with someone, because you always want to go in different directions! You have to discuss every turn or point in the direction you're planning to go in. You usually end up taking a longer route than you should because you're waiting for the other person to say something but they're also waiting for you so you just keep walking straight when you should have turned.

It's so awkward! And so unavoidable, unfortunately.

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