Rude customer service employees

A couple of times recently, I've had really annoying encounters with people who are supposed to be providing me with a service.

Because I work in retail, I understand the frustrations that come with dealing with annoying customers all day, so I am usually extremely understanding with the staff in stores. However, also because I work in retail, I know when workers are just being rude for no reason.

Wednesday night, my family and I went to Penn Station to eat. It was my parents, me, my sister and her husband, my boyfriend and his friend from school. So that's seven people total, which is kind of a lot. I know that it's a little annoying to have that many people in one order, so we were being extremely nice and trying to be as organized as possible. First of all, it wasn't busy at all. We were almost the only people in the whole restaurant. We were all in a row at the counter and we told her our orders one at a time and got out of the way after we told her so the next person could order.

So I went first, then my boyfriend, then his friend, then my parents. After both my parents had ordered, she asked if we wanted drinks and stuff, as if we were done, and I said, "Yeah, we'll all want a drink." So then she's about to tell us our total, (which is fine, she just didn't see them) and I was like "Oh, they're with us too," and pointed to my sister and her husband.

She sighed so heavily, it was ridiculous. "Oh."

Um, okay, dear. If you weren't preparing our food you would still be here anyway, just standing around, so what is the problem with us having a big order? Also, the restaurant didn't close for another two hours, so it's not like we were holding them up.

Such a rude alert.

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