Please just sell me a real sock.

Today at work, I was by the toddler socks and a woman came up and was looking at them. I asked if she was finding everything okay and she said, "These are for toddlers."

...What? Yeah. They are. What do you want me to say to that? "Yup!"

"Do you have socks for bigger girls?"

"Absolutely!" I walk her over to them. She was in a wheelchair, so I stayed with her so I could grab her some if she needed; some of them are up kind of high.

She looks at them and asks if there are any that we sell individually. "Unfortunately, we only have packs of socks for this size. We have some here that are just three to a pack though."

"Well I just want one."

"I'm sorry, the smallest pack we have is a pack of three."

She sighs heavily and asks to see all the kinds that are three-packs. We have one pack of low-rise socks and another pack that has cuffs. The cuffed ones were right in front of her so I just pointed to that one, and then I got one of the low-rise ones down to show her.

"Those aren't socks though."


I seriously didn't know what to say. I was like "Uh-I don-so you want the kind with the cuff then?"

"Well yeah, those other ones aren't socks."

I'm sorry, if those aren't socks, what are they? They're not even the ultra-low-rise ones that you wear with flats, they just cut off at your ankle. They're still socks.

So then she's like, "But I really just want one."

"Oh, I'm sorry about that, but this is the smallest pack we have."

"Fine! She'll just wear what she's got!"

Okay, first of all, it's socks! It's not like she's not going to need more eventually anyway!

And seriously? Low-rise socks are still socks.


  1. Not to mention that she made you show her every single kind after you already told her that the smallest pack was a 3 pack. Sometimes I miss retail and getting to tell stupid people stories. :)

  2. Who ever needs just one pair of socks? I mean, really! If you're out buying socks, clearly, you have a need for them. So, why are you just buying one pair? Are you just going to wear that pair only? They're going to get pretty gross pretty fast that way, are they not? Then, hey, you're going to need socks again! Just buy the multipack, lady! In my experience socks are like hair ties, you can never have too many.