People who hang around forever in classrooms

I have a couple of long-ish breaks in between classes and since I live off campus this semester, it often doesn't make sense for me to go home even though some of them are an hour or more.

Because of this, I tend to get to most of my classes pretty early. I don't really mind because I usually have things I need to work on or at least things to entertain myself with. (Netflix instant play, anyone?) However, when there's a class in the same classroom when I get there, I end up having to sit in the hallway waiting for the class to end.

I'm not complaining about that, it's not their fault that I'm there early.

But oh my goodness, sometimes people hang out in the classroom for so long after the class is over, and it annoys me so much!

I have one class in particular that this bothers me in. It's the class that I have Wednesdays at 6:00. The class before me in the same classroom is from 4:10 to 5:00.

In my opinion, if a class gets out at 5:00, the classroom should be empty by 5:10 at the latest. I know ten minutes doesn't sound like I'm giving much leeway, but it's really a long time when you think about it. Most students book it out of the classroom within a minute of when the prof dismisses.

Hanging around for a few minutes to ask the prof a question is perfectly acceptable. I can even understand if you're having a quick conversation with him or her.

Here's all I'm saying. When was the last time you hung around to ask the prof a question that couldn't be answered within five minutes? And if it's something that's going to take longer, the prof usually asks to walk and talk, because they're busy people too (at least in my experience).

More often than not, I'm waiting outside this classroom until 5:30 because the prof and one or two guys are standing inside just chatting it up.

I just don't understand how they have so much to talk about!

Don't you want to get home?

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