OMG uninformed voting

Oh my goodness, I'm so upset.

This girl just walked by me and she was on the phone. I'm assuming someone was reminding her to vote, and she was like "Oh okay, yeah. Who am I voting for?"

Okay seriously, if you don't have a strong enough opinion about it on your own, just don't bother.

THEN, she was like, "No, I mean like, what are we voting for? Like I think I heard someone say it was governor."

Excuse me. HOW have you been living in this city since September and you don't know for sure that it's a gubernatorial election?

PLEASE don't vote.


  1. Agreed. There's way too much emphasis on people voting -- "I don't care how/what/for, just do it." Uninformed voting is just as productive as people who don't bother to vote.

  2. That's pretty much why I'm not voting in my local elections. I still think it's important to exercise your right if you DO have a strong opinion and know what/who you're voting for. However, I'm regretfully nowhere near as informed on the candidates and their platforms as I would like to be and Id rather not vote ignorantly.

  3. I was just discussing this with a friend and I agree wholeheartedly.