The last people to leave the store

The store closes at nine.

This statement would be true if not for stupid customers who don't have any consideration for their fellow human beings.

There are a few things you can do wrong when you're the last customer in the store. (This is only applicable if it's after closing time, by the way, but it almost always is.) Of course, being that person means you're already doing something wrong, because you should have checked out a long time ago. So doing any of the following things means you're an extra-bad person.
  1. Going into the fitting room after the music has been turned off. If you're just grabbing one last thing and heading up to the register right at nine, it's not that big of a deal. But if you're still doing major shopping and head to the fitting room when we're already supposed to be closed, you are WAY late. That armful of clothes is definitely going to take at least five to ten minutes to try on, plus checkout time? Unacceptable.
  2. Walking in when we already have the gate half shut. If it's closing time but there are still people, we sometimes shut the gate a little bit so people know we're closed. If you seriously see that the gate is partly closed and still walk in like "Oh, sorry, I just need to grab one thing," you are so out of line.
  3. Apologizing. This is the most important one. Do not say you're sorry for keeping us so late. Do not say anything along the lines of "I know you guys probably just want to go home." DO NOT tell me you know we're closed and you're 'hurrying.' If you were sorry, you would not still be in the store. Now please leave because I really do just want to go home.

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