Training service dogs

At Old Navy, we have the Supermodelquins (supermodel + mannequin) at the front of the store. The Supermodelquins' dog is named Barker, and he is there at the front of the store with them, minding his own business and completely unable to defend himself.

Barker takes a lot of abuse. Children like to pet him and sit on him, and we all know how some children treat dogs. (Hint: Not well.)

So last night, I guess there was a service dog training session being held at the mall, and when someone walked into our store, the dog started barking at Barker, which is something you don't really expect when you see a service dog.

Well. I guess the trainer saw this as a wonderful opportunity because then they decided to bring EVERY SINGLE DOG in just to walk it past Barker and see how it would react.

Oh man, I have never heard so much obnoxious barking. There were dogs trying to jump at Barker, some of them growled...it was SO annoying.

Like, if they're not trained well enough to stay calm in the presence of another dog, I feel like they're not ready to come to the mall.


  1. and way to ruin my conversion!

  2. "I hate those dogs. Always helping blind people."

  3. These were most likely service dogs IN TRAINING. They get to be wonderful full fledged service dogs for their disabled partners thanks to volunteer puppy raisers and places like Old Navy, where they can train and refine their behaviors. Thank you for being a part of a miracle.

  4. ^^ at least you're thorough when you read things

  5. Actually Barker is a statue that someone unwittingly put in a very alert/aggressive stance and facial expression. Young/ in experience dogs don't understand this is a statue and must experience for themselves that this scary, dog shaped thing will not ever attack them because it is not real.