So you're friends with me but I can't see your wall?

With Facebook's privacy settings, you can get extremely specific about who you want to allow to see certain things.

You can hide specific status updates from a list of people or just one person, you can make your tagged photos visible to some people but not others, etc.

I understand and sometimes use the status update part of this. And I understand that, with the pervasiveness of Facebook these days, you may be obligated to be friends with someone but not willing to let them see all the pictures you're tagged in.

But one thing I truly don't understand is being friends with someone but blocking them from viewing your wall.

I had heard of this from other people, but I never actually experienced it until today.

I saw that it was the birthday of a friend I went to elementary school with, so I went to her profile (with the intention of checking our wall-to-wall and seeing if she had said happy birthday to me) and I wasn't able to view her wall!

I'm sorry, what?

I understand a need for privacy, but just delete me from your friends list if you don't want me to see your wall! That's practically the most basic part of Facebook. I could only see her info and her photo albums, and that's less than what I can see on some people's profiles that I'm not even friends with!

Also, I think it's kind of unfair to do this! You still get to be friends with me and view my wall as often as you want but I'm not allowed to see your status updates and wall posts? Not even!

So anyway, I deleted her.

Apparently we weren't friends anyway.

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