People who freak out about being able to see prices.

Oh em gee, this was getting on my nerves today.

At Old Navy, the computer I'm looking at is not in a good position for the customers to see it also.

So people are always complaining that they can't see the prices.

That would be valid, except that the prices come up on the card reader, which is right where you're standing!

It's one of those repetition things that bothers me a lot. Like, just look around before you freak out. And if you're looking around, chances are I'm going to realize what you're looking for and tell you nicely, "The prices are right there."

There was this lady today who couldn't speak English very well and she had like twenty things. I scanned the first one--literally only one so far--and she tried to put her hand on the computer screen and was like, "Why I cannot see price?!?!"

Whoa, lady. Back off.

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