Online returns at Old Navy

At Old Navy you can return things from online to the store. So that's super exciting and convenient, right?

There are a few rules though.
1.) We can't do exchanges, only returns and re-buys. Like, it has to be two transactions.
2.) It has to go back on the card it was bought on, unless it was bought with a gift card or if it's a gift invoice.
3.) After you've scanned the items and you're at the total screen, you can't back out because it's already been done.

Okay so yeah, this is difficult sometimes because some people are STUPID and don't choose "gift invoice" when they're buying a gift, or if they change their mind out of nowhere when it's too late.

But guess whose fault that is. NOT MINE!

If I don't say all those things, there will inevitably be problems, so I've gotten in the habit of performing this little monologue:

"Oh, you have an online return? Do you have the invoice? Okay great. Now just so you know, we'll have to do these as two separate transactions, and the return will have to go back on the original credit card you used to pay for it. Is that okay?"

And then if they have a problem, we haven't already done the whole thing.

So this happens today, and the lady's like "Yeah, that's fine." But then when I get done and I tell her the total for the new stuff she's buying, she just nods and doesn't say anything or hand me a card or anything. So I'm like "How did you want to pay for that?"

And she's like, "Oh it just needs to be on the same card."

"Oh okay, do you have it on you?"

"Um no, it was a gift."

OH MY GOODNESS, LADY! I specifically said that we had to do the two transactions separately. Why did that not tip you off to the fact that you would have to buy the other ones on a different card? They don't just print the whole card number on the invoice!

So I'm explaining to her that oops, we can't do anything about it, and remember how I told you it had to be two transactions?

"Well yeah, but that didn't really ring a bell for me."

What does that even mean?

So then she decided to get all rude and ask to talk to my supervisor, which is so annoying and she just told her what I told her.

But she was insistent, so my supervisor called customer relations to try to appease her.

So that's one thing. To make it even worse, while my supervisor is on the phone, this lady's kids are being SO annoying, like sitting on the bench and pretending it's a car and making vroom-y noises and stuff.

So I glance up at them when they're really loud one time, and she sees me look at them and is like, "Thanks for being so good right now, boys, I really appreciate how well you're behaving."

Yeah, whatever.


  1. little boys sitting on a bench and pretending it's a car? that's all they did? you should be grateful.

  2. Yeah, don't miss that job at all!

    Also, Anon: when you have to deal with the annoying children of an even more annoying customer.. there is nothing to be grateful about.