Blowing your nose in public.

Who decided that blowing your nose in public was an acceptable activity?

I get so grossed out when people do this.

Here are the worst times to blow your nose in public:

1.) During class. Okay, I get it. You have a bit of a cold, but you can't just miss class every time you have the sniffles. So you bring a pocketful of tissues to class with you so you won't have to disrupt everyone by leaving every five minutes. That's a very nice thought, but do you think you're disrupting class LESS by making a ridiculously loud and gross noise every five minutes? Not at all! Just sit close to the door and it's really not that disruptive to leave a few times.

2.) When you're at my register at Old Navy. Seriously, don't blow your nose and then hand me money. Even though money's already super gross, I don't want you adding your fresh germs to it. It's also extremely annoying because I'm trying to carry on a conversation with you and you're blowing your nose in my face.

3.) In a restaurant. Go to the bathroom. Period.

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