When I read something that's misspelled, I automatically think the person who wrote it is stupid.

I can't help it.

Of course, people make typos on Facebook. So I'll forgive if they automatically correct themselves. But when they spell something completely wrong and don't fix it, I think they must not know how to spell it. If you do this once, I don't write you off as stupid forever, but if it happens pretty often, I definitely think quite a bit less of you.

This is absolutely not limited to Facebook.

I read an article yesterday that was assigned for a class, and it had misspellings and grammatical mistakes. It was a blog entry, but still. It was assigned reading. I expect my reading assignments to be well-written.

Fliers, signs, etc. are whatever to me, I've gotten used to those types of things having hilarious mistakes.

But when you're posting something for everyone to read, don't you care about getting your message across correctly?


  1. If I am in a non-spellchecker situation, any word over 6 letters has a 20% (1 in 5) chance of being misspelled. Most common misspelled word in Craig world is "success" followed closely by "tomorrow". The point being I think I can academically hold my own but cannot spell my way out of a paper bag. For me though, I can't stand it when people can't calculate sales price by percentage.

  2. I thought I'd let you know that I found four grammatical errors in this posting. There is also a grammatical error in your profile information on this page.
    Don't worry though, I understand F. Scott Fitzgerald was also grammatically challenged.

    Yours in the search of grammatical perfection,
    J. Cauley