Stupid Denim Questions

I folded denim for several hours today (like my whole shift) and that means I had to field a lot of questions.

Here are obvious things:

If you don't see your size, we probably don't have it.

Every pair of denim has a nice little sticker on it that tells you what type they are. It says whether they're Sweetheart, Diva, Flirt or Dreamer and whether they're boot cut or skinny.

Also, the prices ($19 or $15) are clearly marked on the signs.

Therefore, questions like "Do y'all have this in a 2 short?", "Is this skinny or boot cut?", and "Now which ones is $15 and which ones is $19?", in addition to being grammatically incorrect, are also unacceptable and will not be answered.

Just kidding, I can't not answer your questions. But still.

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