Little girls

My mom and I went to see Cinderella at Derby Dinner Playhouse Friday night.

I knew that Sundays were Princess days. On these days, little girls are encouraged to wear princess dresses and all that.

This is why Mom and I chose not to go on a Sunday.

Well it looks like Friday nights are princess-friendly too.

I almost died.

If it was just that they were dressed up, it wouldn't have been that bad. The problem was when they stood up and started dancing in the middle of the songs, when actors at Derby Dinner frequently move around the aisles.

And when they ran around onstage during the intermission, when there had already been an announcement to stay off the stage.

And when they yelled things out during songs.

It was extremely frustrating for me.

The only redeeming thing about the whole play was that the sound guy (who we were seated next to) was singing along.

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