I'm going to Sears!

Oh man.

So today was crazy at the Nave because of our uniform sale. I was working on a project near the uniforms, so I was fielding questions all day.

At one point, this guy walks up and asks Ali if we have any belts for girls. She says, "No, I mean we have some attached to pants, but other than that, no."

He seriously asks this, for real: "Will you sell me just the belt?"


So, suddenly pretty loudly, he exclaims, "Who's your competition? Sears? I'm going to Sears! I'm sure they'll sell me a belt!"

First of all, no, Sears is not our competition.

Secondly, it's not like we were refusing him merchandise we had; we just didn't have any belts.

Third, I really REALLY couldn't care less that you're not buying anything from me. Like really, please go to Sears.

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