Hey, you wanna buy me tons of clothes, Ma? Thanks.

At work today, this girl (probably about 16 years old) and her mom were buying a bunch of clothes. They had a 30% off Give and Get coupon, so they were stocking up on stuff for both of them. Most of it was for the girl, though. And we're talking like, $250 after the 30% was taken off.

So the mom is like "Do you have those debit cards you got for your birthday?"

And the girl's like, "Well...I have one...I left the other one at home."

The mom: "Would you like to use the one you have on this, please?"

The girl: "No."

The mom is trying her best not to make a scene, so she lowers her voice and says, "I'm buying you a lot of clothes right now, could you please use that $25 to help me out?"

And the girl starts whining like a child: "Mooooommm, I don't waaaaaant tooooo."

First of all, what a spoiled brat.

Secondly, if I was her mom, I would have made her. I would have been like, "Then we're taking $25 worth of stuff off."


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