Can I have four thousand plastic bags please?

So I think we've all established that we're supposed to use reusable shopping bags.

Stores in Washington D.C. even charge people for plastic bags! (Woo!)

I try to do my part when I'm on register at the Nave by using smaller bags when I can, reusing bags when people are returning things and packing bags more efficiently.

Sometimes, people ask for an extra bag because their kid wants his stuff in his own bag, which is fine, I don't care.

Sometimes, people ask for an extra bag because they're going to two different houses. That's fine too, I really don't care. When this happens though, I always ask which stuff goes in which bag so I can make sure they're packed right.

Yesterday, someone asked for an extra bag, so I was like, "What items do you want in each one?"

And the lady was like "Oh, it doesn't matter, we're all going to the same place, I just want it spread out."

Like, you should have just said, "Oh, it doesn't matter, I'm just trying to kill the earth a little faster."

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  1. I encounter a similar but different problem frequently. Since I ride a bike everywhere, I use my bike bag to carry everything, even groceries. It's a darn useful thing and 9 times out of 10 it can hold everything I need it to. So when I go shopping I always tell the cashier "Oh, I don't need a bag, thanks" and for some reason their reaction is all to often one of annoyance or inconvenience! It baffles me. Is my NOT needing a bag making more work for you? I know your little brain goes screwy when you're autopilot two step program of ring item, place in bag, is interrupted but, honestly. If I don't tell them to not give me a bag then I just end up having to sit outside and unpack everything out of their nine million plastic bags and repack it all into mine. Then I'm left with all these plastic bags I don't need that are currently overflowing in one of my kitchen drawers.