At the Bats game on Tuesday...

Matt and I went to a baseball game on Tuesday night. (The Louisville Bats!)

There were all sorts of rude alerts to be called, one of which will be showcased in a video later on (see: when I feel like it).

Here's a small one: the rednecks in front of us. There was an old-ish man who had three teenagers with him. They were already there when we arrived, already being incredibly rude. Now, when I say teenagers, I don't mean like thirteen, I mean the youngest one was like seventeen. So definitely old enough to not be idiots. (Although I stop giving people free idiot passes when they turn 12.)

Anyway, they were cat-calling the players while they warmed up, making jokes about the trainer helping the players stretch, etc.

The grandpa or whoever turned around at one point and told us to feel free to slap them if they started to get annoying, which put me in an awkward position because they were already being annoying and the game hadn't even started yet.

Anyway, they got distracted and decided to go play on a jungle gym, which I'm pretty sure has a 12 and under sign on it, but whatever.

They got back to their seats and were scoping out these "hotties in short shorts" across the field from us. You can't even see their faces, just the fact that they're wearing short shorts, and you're that interested? Really?

And the oldest guy, who's maybe about twenty (which is how old I am), is hardcore claiming one of the girls--"Naw man, the one in the orange shorts is mine! I saw her first!"--and then BORROWS HIS GRANDPA'S PHONE TO TEXT HIS GIRLFRIEND AND TELL HER HIS PHONE IS DEAD.

I'm sorry, were you interested in the orange shorts girl or YOUR GIRLFRIEND?

Thankfully, they ended up being gone for most of the game, probably roaming around talking to girls.

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