Tag switching

So this woman is checking out in my line today. She brings up about fifteen items or so.

I scan the first one. $9.50 tee shirt, on sale for $5. Cool.

I scan the second one. Kids dress, it's like $7.99, whatever, they all look the same.

Scan the third one. It's a pair of nice sandals and they come up as a $3.50 pair of flip flops.

OH! This lady's trying to be slick and get the sandals for cheap. So I rip the tag off, roll my eyes, and type in the right number for them, and they come up as $19.50, as they should be. She's like "Oh how much were those?" "They were $19.50, it looks like the tag's been switched." "Oh okay, I don't want them."

Of course you don't.

So then I go back to the dress and it's been switched too. Of course.

I'm going through the whole pile of things she had and literally all but one item had been switched. Really?

So the whole time, I'm just like, "Oh, looks like this one's different too." "Oh, this one's not on clearance either." "Oops, we just got this one in yesterday, it's not $3.99."

And the whole time, she's like "Oh, I thought that was cheaper!" "Oh, I had no idea that one was full price!" "Oh, are you sure that one's not on clearance?"

Okay lady, cut the act. I know what you're doing here and you clearly know that I know, so let's just stop pretending.


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