Return of the car-washing neighbor

Okay, so my sister, Jessica, is in town and my grandparents came to visit today. So we were hanging out by the pool for a little while before lunch. We had the radio on classic rock (thanks to my dad), and it was loud-ish, and probably loud enough for them to hear over at Lyle's house, but not like, blasting.

So everyone had gone in for a little bit except me and Jessica, and all of a sudden, Lyle's radio goes on.

Okay, this is totally fine, because we do this all the time. Our radios will both be on, but they'll be at about the same volume, where we can each hear our own but neither one is drowning the other out.

Well I guess Lyle didn't feel like being a courteous neighbor today, because he turned it up so loud that I could barely hear mine.

So I stand up and turn the volume up quite a bit louder, but I can still hear every word of his.

He keeps it there for awhile, but then all of a sudden, with no provocation, he turns it up even louder!

At first, it had been Miss New Booty, so honestly, whatever. But when he turned it up the second time, it was some of the raunchiest music I had ever heard! I was actually a little embarrassed of the lyrics. So I went on and went inside, meaning he won.

Congratulations, Lyle, you sent me scurrying inside with your explicit lyrics! Good for you!

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  1. The fact that your neighbor's name is Lyle makes this the best. Sorry he's a dink!