People who say things weird

That was a terrible title.

It bothers me when people say things in a way that is different from every other rational person.

Here are two examples: I went to a lecture once and the guy kept saying "Twenty-oh-nine" instead of "Two thousand nine." It was a panel discussion and he was the moderator, so he was having to do a lot of introductions and mini-bios, so he had to say years a lot. "In twenty-oh-seven, this guy did this, then in twenty-oh-eight, he did this."


It also bothers me when people actually pronounce the "dot-com" at the end of stuff that you know is a website.

Like, obviously, if it's something relatively obscure and you think the person's not going to know that it's a website, you can say "dot-com" at the end. But that's still not necessary because you can just say "This website called Save the Internet" or something like that.

But for real, I have come across several people in my life that have said things like "I was on facebook-dot-com the other day..."

Really, dude. I know it's a website. It's Facebook.

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  1. I've taken to calling 2010, "twenty-ten". But I refer to the rest of the 00's as "two thousand and x".